Personal Insurance

“The best insurance you can have is your professional, independent insurance advisor”

It seems everyone is selling insurance these days, from your bank to your supermarket, you are bombarded with options. But the important question is – have you taken out the correct policy? 

When it comes to claim time, this makes all the difference. 

If you’re not dealing with a professional, independent insurance advisor you’re not dealing with the experts. The advice and personal touch you get from a Maurice Trapp Group advisor works alongside you, offering solid advice so you’re covered when you need it the most. 

Did you know we have experts who can challenge when a claim is denied?  Now, that’s what we mean when we talk about “A Certain Future”. 

We’re here to protect your future.



Life cover is pretty straight forward but in our opinion, when we’re asked – “who should have it”, our reply is everyone.  Life Cover insurance is your security blanket that takes care of your loved ones after you’re gone.


No one can predict when a critical accident or incident occurs, but it does.  We’ve experienced first hand what happens to people or families when trauma accidents occur but nothing gives us greatest pleasure than being to assist with a pay out.  The look of pure relief says it all.  Let us take care of you when you need us the most.  


When you become disabled either through illness or injury, your ability to earn and support yourself, your family or your business stops.  It’s a frightening time for all involved and it can be incredibly distressing at a time when what you need most is to rest and recuperate. 

With Disability Insurance by your side the funding addresses all your financial needs and demands, so you can put your mind at ease.  With the right insurance, you are fully protected. 


If you’ve ever experienced what it’s like not having a  guaranteed income you know how stressful and terrifying that can be.  Income keeps the bills paid, the mortgage current and all those unexpected expenses up to date.  Unfortunately, these financial demands don’t stop just because your job or income does.

Income protection allows you to receive regular payments just like your income.  It’s reliable and dependable which is exactly what you need during a change in income circumstances.  It helps you get back on your feet in the safest of ways.


Medical Insurance is a good friend to have by your side when you need specialist attention fast and those medical bills paid from a solid, dependable policy.  You’ll be so relieved to have medical insurance because it gives you a sense care at just the right time.

We’re not afraid to ask the right questions to get you the right cover.   We can tell you what your policy will cover and if you’re unsure of the “where to from here” - that’s when we can offer sound and credible advice.


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