Key Person Insurance


The key person or people could be the owners/shareholders or you may have other employees that are key to your businesses success.  Key people are the income generators, and have key client relationships and connections or perhaps a specific skill or knowledge that the business relies on to generate income. 

Don’t confuse key person insurance with personal insurance.  Key person insurance is insurance that goes to the business to keep it running when things go wrong. Personal insurance goes to the family.


If your key person is out of action for a significant amount of time or even permanently, your business is at risk. When you lose a key person it can have a huge financial impact on your business.  It’s a risk you don’t need to take. 


The beneficiary of the lump sum payout is the business.  These funds can go towards hiring a new staff member, paying recruitment fees, mitigating lost confidence from suppliers, basically all those financial commitments you need to keep the business afloat when you lose a key staff member either permanently or for a significant period of time. 


Our advice is to always talk to one of our independent, professional insurance advisers.  We’re here to ensure you have the correct cover.  Having accurate information at the beginning is extremely important.  The process we take will uncover vital information to help protect you at claim time. 
As we don’t work for one insurance company, we offer bespoke insurance options to suit your individual needs. 


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