Why Use Business Life Insurance?

Because it delivers cash at exactly the right time it is needed
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How can we help you with a claim?

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Guaranteed Insurability

Have cover when you need it without the hassle of Medicals!

  • A Guaranteed Insurability benefit applies to Life, Total Permanent Disability and Trauma Insurance)
  • It allows for the increase of cover if the insured’s financial impact on the business has increased.
  • Financial evidence is required

Cash Flow Cover

Protect the cash flow generated by your key people.

Businesses can protect their short to medium term cash flow every month for up to 11 months in case a key person is unable to work as a result of illness or accident.

Welcome to Maurice Trapp Group

Maurice Trapp Group are experts in risk management and succession planning for small to medium sized New Zealand businesses, business owners and their people. We can provide your business with a safety net if things go wrong!

You can be assured when you come to Maurice Trapp Group you’ll be listened to and your needs met through individually tailored insurance solutions.

We promise to protect your financial growth to give you peace of mind now and into the future.

Diary of two

Diary of Two Enlightened Men

In 2002, looking for a way to explain some of the principles of succession planning, Maurice hit on the idea of a fictional diary based on a business owner who – through a series of events – is compelled to take stock of his business and his life.

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